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**This headlight is out of stock but available for backorder purchase, lead time is approx 4-6 weeks**

Finally, an affordable light solution for 5x7 / H6054 headlights that offers exceptional light output with a projector beam pattern and maintains a more "classic" look for your classic car, rather then an out of place futurisic look. 

These headlights come fully assembled and ready to install into your car with 5x7 headlights and feature glass lenses that wont fade/yellow with a crispy projector low beam and super bright high beam. 

Watch install/demo video here

*Note* some cars such as MK3 Supras and AW11 MR2s require a conversion relay harness for LED headlights to work because of the factory double ground and single power wiring. FredTech also offers this conversion harness if your car needs it and you dont already have one installed.

5x7 LED Projector Headlight kit

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