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The factory cargo lights on smaller trucks hardly do anything to light up the bed. Now you can add some serious light or color to your bed with the FredTech bed light kit. This kit comes wih a 54" LED strip that mounts on the front of the bed with heavy duty 3M tape and comes with plenty of wire to connect right to the battery or to any 12V source that you choose.


Two options are available

$25 Pure white LED strip that can be connected to the cargo light circuit or any 12v course.

$35 Color Changing RGB strip that can be wired directly to the battery and controlled with the provided remote or wired to the cargo light circuit.


This light kit will not adhere well to spray in or roll on bed liners.



Truck Bed Light - Small Truck

SKU: sTruckRGB
Color Changing RGB: Make it color changning RGB w/ remote
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